Laboratory for calibration of measuring instruments

The UNISIST Ltd. calibration laboratory was established in 1996.

The laboratory is one of the first accredited laboratories by the Executive Agency "Bulgarian Accreditation Service" in Bulgaria, according to the requirements of БДС EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Through the accreditation we ensure precise measurements in accordance with the best practice and generate confidence both in the laboratory's competence for issuing reliable results, with the necessary human and material resources and experience, and our ability to provide a service adapted to the needs of our clients.

Our laboratory committed to providing the best calibration through increased quality, service excellence and customer awareness.

The laboratory provides calibration in both its own premises and at customer's premises.

Calibration of digital and mechanical stopwatches and timers.

Calibration of installation testers.

Calibration of barometers.

Calibration of measuring instruments for pressure (absolute, positive and negative).

Calibration of thermometers (digital, analog, liquid and infrared).

Calibration of AC/DC voltmeters.

Calibration of AC/DC voltage and current calibrators.

Calibration of ACI/DCI clamp meter.

Calibration of AC/DC ammeters.

Calibration of ohmmeters.

Calibration of frequency meters and generators.

Calibration of electrical resistance measure.

Calibration of capacitance and inductance measuring instruments.

Calibration of resistance thermometers and thermocouples.

Calibration of single-phase measurement Instruments active power measurement (wattmeters).

Calibration of indicators.

Calibration of calipers (depth gauge and height gauge).

Calibration of micrometers (depth gauge and height gauge).

Calibration of measures of length with scale marks.

Calibration of hygrometers.

The laboratory performs calibration of others measuring instruments (outside the scope of accreditation) according methods agreed with the client.